Deutsche Schule Guatemala Help Center

Dear DS Guatemala parents,

Welcome to the Kidsgo app. To help you familiarise yourself with the app quickly and easily, you will find an overview and explanation of all functions here in the help centre. However, should you have any problems using the app, please do not hesitate to contact the management of your DS Guatemala site. We hope you enjoy using the app.


Your DS Guatemala Team


News feed

In the news feed you find important information such as invitations, daily activities and pictures. It opens by default when starting the app, and looks like this:

Choose which child you are viewing the news feed of by swiping the profile pictures in the top of the screen.


Gain an overview of activities related to your child(ren) in the calendar function. Access it by tapping “more” in the top of the screen, and selecting “calendar” from the menu.
Choose to view activities by the day, week or month in the top of the screen.

Choose child or activity type by pressing the filter in the top right.


Report illness by tapping the “+”, then “illness”, in the bottom of the screen.

Choose child(ren), symptoms and expected end date of the illness. Add a comment if necessary.



Reach the teachers via the messenger function. It can be accessed by choosing “messaging” in the “more” menu.

Select a child, and you will be able to start a conversation with the teachers of that child. 

Check-in message

Send a check-in message by tapping the “+”, then “Check-in message”.

Check-in messages can be viewed by all teachers throughout the day. Therefore, it must not contain personal information.

Choose child(ren), date and write the message. Please remember to press “save” in the top right of the screen.



Find all old posts my tapping “posts” under the “more” menu. Tab the desired post to view it. 

View and download pictures of your child in the “gallery” function under the “more” menu.

View a single picture by tapping it. 

Download it by tapping the download icon in the top right corner.


Invite other children to playdates using the “playdates” function under the “more” menu.

Create a new playdate by tapping the icon in the bottom. 

Type the information, and add a comment if necessary. Confirm by tapping “save” in the top right.

The parents of the child will receive the invitation through their newsfeed.

Shared contacts

View the contact information shared with you in the “shared contacts” function under the “more” menu.

You can share your own contact information by tapping the blue text below the search field.


Index card

Find the standard permission form using the “index card” function under the “more” menu. This is very important to fill out.

Give permission by tapping the slider. Please remember to confirm by tapping “save” in the top right.


Contact information

Update or add contact information by using the “my contact info” function under the “more” menu. 

Add or update contact information

Profile pictures

Update or add profile pictures through the “profile pictures” function under the “more” menu.

Access settings by tapping the cogwheel

Tap “profile pictures”. Then choose a user, and choose if you want to take a picture or choose one from the gallery.



Find your child’s portfolio(s) by clicking “Portfolio” in the “more” menu.

To open the specific “Portfolio”, click on the name of the Portfolio.

Here you will have the opportunity to view the Portfolio and, for example, download your child’s Portfolio.